"POWER" = Prayers Of Women Expecting Results

Why the name “POWER Ministries”?

“A number of years ago our prayer group felt that God had something special for us.  Our desire was to lead people to the Lord. So we prayed to the Lord to give us a name that He would like our ladies ministry to be called. My part time job is “Footcare for Seniors”. I was asked to come to the home of a Jewish born again Rabi. What a blessing. I asked him to help us pray, and he said he might have a name for us. Then he told me that he had been a guest speaker in a church a number of years ago, where there was a gentleman sharing his testimony. He said “I was dying of cancer, when my wife was invited to a meeting by a group of praying ladies. They led her to the Lord and prayed for me to be healed. And … I was healed!”  Then he said “…these ladies should call their ministry “POWER Ministries”, where  P.O.W.E.R. stands for Prayers of Women Expecting Results!”   Well, this is exactly what we do, and so we have adopted this as our official name.”

Freda Peters, Board Member